A 1,000 Year Business Education for Pennies ... for a Select Few
For the First Time in History, the Legendary Spike Humer Reveals All to a Chosen Few ...

The Jay Abraham Tell-All Interview

Spike Humer has worked with Jay Abraham for decades and knows him better than any other businessman in the world. In this interview conducted by Mark Joyner, Spike Humer reveals Jay Abraham's most potent business secrets.

In this explosive, tell-all interview Spike distills Jay's wisdom down into the most easily accessible form imaginable. You would be hard-pressed to walk away from this recording and not be bursting with new ideas and inspiration.

But if that weren't enough ... Spike has generously donated an obscene collection of money-getting greatness from the private vault he has been accumulating for decades.

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Collection of Spike Humer Books and Articles

(retail price: $200)

This is a distillation of the most important wisdom Spike has amassed over his 40 year sterling business career.

- 5 Keys to Business Mastery
- Align Your Strategies
- Cracking the Code of Entrepreneurial Success
- Discovering Your True Purposes
- Innovation
- Profit Strategies Revealed
- Rapid Success Secrets
- Robert Skrob, Bill Glazer, and Spike Humer Convo Transcript
- Social Media Magic
- Joining the Social Media Conversation
- Strategy vs. Tactics
- Extraordinary Times Require Extraordinary Minds
- What is the Driving Purpose of Your Business?

Bonus #2: The Clarity Map

(retail price: $500)
(audio / video package)

Finally - get total clarity on your business and life direction.

This is the process Spike users to give his top level clients rapid clarity - which then clears the way for world domination.

WARNING: Do not use this process if you want to remain “stuck”! (Many of us do … many prefer to stay drunk on their distractions and avoidance behaviors. This process will leave you with ZERO EXCUSES.)

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Spike Humer Audio Collection

(retail price: $100)

- Interview with Scott Latourneau
- Interview with Barry Plaskow
- Interview with Brendan Bruchard
- Interview with John Assaraf
- Success Bug Interview
- The Overnight Entrepreneur
- Top Business Future Trends
- West Murph Interview

Bonus #4: The Level Up Business Acceleration System

(retail price: $500)
(audio / video package)

After working with hundreds of businesses around the globe, Spike has cracked the code for accelerating business growth.

Just plug in to this system and unleash Spike’s magic on your business.

Bonus #5: The Ultimate Collection of Spike Humer Workbooks, Worksheets, and Templates

(retail price: $1,000)

- Crafting Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
- Competitive SWOT Analysis
- Consultative Selling
- Creating Sustainable Growth
- Entity and Asset Reporting Management
- How to Build a UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
- Marketing and Branding Worksheet
- Planning Meeting and Implementation
- 10 x 10 Business Accelerator
- One Page Business Plan
- Joint Venture Mind Map
- Critical Drivers Blueprint
- Strategic Alliance Agreement
- 10 High Yielding Questions to Transform Any Situation
- Business Driving Purpose

Bonus #6: Spike Humer's 10 Day Life and Business U-Turn

(retail price: $1,200)

These are the recordings of a now-legendary group coaching experience Spike organized for his top level clients.

This is the same process corporate turnaround specialists charge tens of thousands of dollars for.

Bonus #7: Live Q&A Webinar with Mark Joyner and Spike Humer

(retail value: $500)

Soon after this offer closes, Mark and Spike will hold a special private Q&A webinar for all who purchase this package.

This is your chance to have your questions answered by two of the most sought-after business consultants in the world.

Nothing will be off limits.

SPECIAL BONUS: Chance to Win One on One Coaching with Mark and Spike

(retail value: $20,000)
One name will be chosen at random to get a private live two-on-one coaching call (done via video chat) with Mark Joyner and Spike Humer themselves.

Price Increases by 10 Cents
for Every Unit Sold!

Grab it now before the price increases even more ...

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