The Top 50 Virtual Assistant Firms in Head-to-Head Showdown
We eliminated 40 obvious non-starters, then battle-tested the ones left standing with actual tasks.

WARNING: Do not hire another VA without reading this report.
Without it you could waste weeks and months in fruitless searches and ineffective "training."

Find a superior assistant for 1/5 the cost.
The winner of the showdown was head and shoulders above the rest, beating out competitors that cost 5x as much.

See their actual work.
Recordings of live calls we asked them to make. Example of their deliverables. It's all here.

BONUS : Get 12 Hours of Virtual Assistance 100% FREE
No credit card required. We found the firms that actually mean it when they say "free trial." Most of the firms offering this are unresponsive, or their free trial is a bait and switch. Also included in this document are suggestions for tasks. All that stuff you hate doing? That's where your VA can help most. (IF you choose the right one, of course. Otherwise they'll only add to your woes.)

BONUS: How to Find the Perfect Freelance Assistant in 5 Easy Steps
Aside from firms specializing in VA work, you can hire a freelancer as well. We'll show you exactly where to go, exactly what to say, and exactly how to filter the duds from the studs. Following our process you can shave 90% off your search time.

BONUS: How to Interview a Potential VA.
Interviewing doesn't have to be an arcane process to be effective. We boiled it down to the five most important criteria to look for in determining whether or not they'll be a good fit. And then we show you precisely how to find out whether they meet these criteria or not. HINT: what people say and what they do rarely match. Using our process you'll know the real truth before you pull the trigger. (If you've ever had a mis-hire, you know how many months of pain and suffering this will prevent.)

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