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BONUS: 21 Secrets of Marketing Millionaires
(VIDEO) In this electrifying presentation from one of Mark Joyner's live events, multi-millionaire "info-tainer" Tom Wood will have you simultaneously "rolling on the floor laughing" and in utter astonishment at the business wisdom he shares. At the end of this presentation the audience gave a several minute standing ovation - some of them in tears. Learning how to become a millionaire has never been this entertaining. You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this immediately - perhaps several times.

BONUS: Attention-Grabbing Words That Skyrocket Sales
(PDF) 26 words + 6 rules = (insert how much extra money you want to make here). This handy PDF is that powerful. Use these words and "tricks" today and see an immediate increase in sales. (Without having to labor over writing new copy or tedious rewrites. Literally "plug and play" this stuff into your existing marketing and see an immediate "lift"..

BONUS: "10 Simple Steps I Use to Persuade Anyone to Do Anything" by Dr. Kevin Hogan
(PDF) Dr. Hogan is one of the world's most respected experts of persuasion. And for good reason. He has dedicated his life to answering the question: how is it some people are so persuasive while others get "zero respect" and "zero compliance?" This document distills down the essence of Dr. Hogan's decades of research into a simple system anyone can learn and use immediately. Indispensable!

BONUS: 3 Never-Fail Cash Infusion Strategies
(VIDEO) Ray Edwards is one of the most sought after copywriters in the world. And for good reason. Some of his "control pieces" have been used year-in-and-year-out by the biggest direct marketing houses in the world. If you don't know what that means, think of it like this: this is the copywriting equivalent of gaining "MVP" status at the Super Bowl multiple times over. In this short video, Ray reveals the strategies he uses with his clients when they need to generate immediate emergency "cash windfalls".