The Kankyo Kaizen™ Starter Kit
Devious way to change your environment so your environment changes you

Positive change requires willpower, right? Wrong.
Sometimes you can actually "trick" yourself into new habits. (Companies are secretly doing this to you all the time.)

You have to struggle to lose weight, right? Nope.
If you get your household on board with these changes, the pounds will fall off. (This is how the military does it.)

What's the catch?
We haven't been able to find one yet. Maybe you can ...

BONUS: Kankyo Kaizen Fat Loss Hack Pack
Make these small changes around your house and watch the fat fall off. "It can't be that easy!" We were extremely skeptical at first as well. Just try this out and we promise you'll be amazed. (It's a crime this is not common knowledge.)

BONUS: The Most Devious Sleep Hack Ever
This simple trick takes 5 minutes to set up and fixes sleep forever. DISCLOSURE: you will need to acquire a simple device that can be acquired at any hardware store for around 10 dollars.

BONUS: Kankyo Kaizen Office Productivity Checklist
How much more profit would you make if you doubled your personal productivity? How much more profit would you make if you doubled the productivity of every single member of your company's team? What if you could achieve this only by making deviously subtle shifts in their environment?

BONUS: Kankyo Kaizen Business Growth Hack Pack
Can you increase sales just by making subtle changes in your environment? You sure can. The 6 Kankyo Kaizen Hacks in this "Hack Pack" are just the beginning. Once you understand how it works you'll be inventing your own hacks, too. How far can you take this? Well, how much do you want to make?