Let My Voice Be Your Guide as We Grow Your Lifeboat Business Together
I made this for my brother.
I asked myself ... "If I passed away today, how could I ensure he was equipped with the ultimate storm-proof lifeboat to shield his family?"
Mark Joyner
Somewhere Over the Pacific
Thursday, 12:23PM (I think)

It's crazy ...

After 30+ startups and pioneering 3 billion-dollar industries, you learn a few things. (Understatement of the millennium.)

For example, did you know ...

... that the exact same effort could render 16x the profit?

IF you know the trick, of course. You actually hold this secret in your hands right now, as you'll soon see.

Or what about the deviously simple trick Bill Gates used to get his competitors to give him an endless stream of pre-sold customers without spending a dime on advertising?

Or how about the hidden human control panel that will have hot top-shelf customers showing up desperate to give you their money?

(Trust me. This is a lot easier - and a lot more pleasant - than "selling" ever was. Haha. Imagine!)

We Boiled It All Down to 3 Simple Habits

Listen up ... This is fun! What I just hinted at is only a small taste of the riches I'm about to share with you. It gets better. MUCH better. But you and I both know the real question ... if I were to write it all down in a textbook, would you actually read it? (More importantly, would you actually use it?) Exactly. That's why I'm now in the business of making things simple ... practical ... do-able ...

The secret is "pressurized habit titration"

Over a million people around the world use Simpleology® to double their free time (and their meaningful productivity) by simplifying their lives. And we’re trusted by small businesses, Fortune 500s, and branches of the US government alike. So, over the last 12 years we've perfected the (formerly elusive) science of not only making habits stick, but making the process fun.

Not only have we boiled down "the how" of business freedom to 3 simple habits, but also a system to make those habits "wax on, wax off" automatic.

F.I.R.E. Mission Academy
Use F.I.R.E. Mission Academy as instructed for 60 Days (for only 15 minutes a day). If you are not legitimately flabbergasted that business freedom was only 3 simple habits away all this time ... if your heart is not swelling with deep gratitude from the profit-acceleration shortcuts revealed ... if you are not emboldened by the radical peace of mind that only comes from owning ...

... an UNSINKABLE lifeboat business ...

... just send us an email. We'll even include a parting gift with your refund.

(No hard feelings :-)
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