A Strange Story That Changes Lives

Passed down through the ages, there is a story so powerful ... They say, once read, the life of the reader is changed forever.

(It's true.  Except for the "forever" part, as I learned the hard way ...)

Mark Joyner
Tuesday 11:39AM
San Bruno, California

I must have given away ... I don't know ... 3 dozen copies of this little book to people I love over the years?

I believe in the power of this story, and the 3 simple lessons it teaches, that much.

The final lesson, especially, is one that I think about almost every single day.  This story taught me to see myself with new eyes and I'm a far better man for it.

I'd now like to give a copy to you.

Actually, better than that, I'd like to give you a special version of this book: one that comes with some tools that will make it far more effective than the original.

How dare I say such a thing about such a venerable classic?

Simple.  The reaction from everyone is almost always the same:

Day 1:  "Mark, this book changed my life!"  They experience about one week of unprecedented productivity and enthusiasm.

And then ...

Day 8:  They fall back to where they were before.  Poof!  Just as quickly as the story changed them, the lessons are forgotten.

How did this happen?  You'll find out in a moment, but first let's tell it like it is: 

A full week of enthusiastic productivity is nothing to sniff at.  Users of our Simpleology software know that even a single day of intense real productivity can move mountains.

Then again, if it's possible to make such a change stick, why be satisfied with one week?

Herein lies the challenge with most all of man's failed attempts at improving himself:  if he does not turn any change into a habit, it's not a real lasting change - but a brief "phase" of his life.

Yes, yes, you may have heard this before, but stay with me.  There's more to this story than most realize.  A lot more.  First, let's drive the point home about habit.

Think about it ...

Will a single day of exercise create any noticeable change in the shape of your body?

Of course not.  It takes consistent pumping of the muscles over time to cause them to change shape.

Is that even possible?  Most people can't stand going to the gym.  They dread it.  The very thought of it repulses them.

How then, do some people manage to go to the gym every single day?

Are they special?

Do they have some genetic or intellectual gift?


The secret is quite simple, but it's one very few have the courage to face:  they have turned exercise into a mindless, and automatic, habit.

"But how?  Everyone brays on about habits but no one tells me how to actually form one."

Exactly.  You're about to finally learn the secret. (and a devious shortcut)

Listen carefully now ...

See, man tends to do what he enjoys doing.  And if he does something well, he takes great pleasure in it.  But here's the rub: doing something well requires practice.  Lots and lots of practice.

The difference between the guy who goes to the gym every day and the guy who doesn't is:  he loves it.

But did he always?

Definitely not ... Very few people enjoy their first air-gasping experience with weight training.  The difference between the guy who loves it and everyone else is that he stuck with it until it became a pleasurable act for him.

There is a threshold point, in the acquisition of any habit, that must be crossed.  Many can stick it out for a few days, but few can pass the threshold.

In a nutshell - that is what separates "the men from the boys." 

You know well the point I'm talking about. Your mind starts to play tricks on you.  You begin to question why you're doing it at all.  You begin to doubt that exercise even works.  "Maybe this exercise business is all one big scam." 

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt plague your mind.

It takes a tremendous amount of mental discipline to silence those voices.

But then once you cross this threshold, something amazing happens ... 

It gets easy!

Almost over night you are transformed from a sloth into a gym rat.  The problem is, this "overnight success" took several weeks of consistent effort and mental toughness.

And the process I just described applies not only to the gym, but to every other worthwhile endeavor in this life.   

If you have ever wondered why some succeed, and some fail, at anything worth doing, wonder no more.

There are those who will try to sell you a "magic pill" to make this barrier go away, but we all know those magic pills simply don't exist.  If they did, everyone on the planet would be rich and sexy.

So, the magic pills are bogus.  But are there legitimate shortcuts? 

There more certainly are.  And they are not based on "hope on a rope" but on hard science.  More about that in a moment.

First, you need to know that the story you're about to read is called The Magic Story.

You may have heard of it.

You may have even read it.

But you most definitely haven't experienced it the way you're about to.

Before I explain, let's take a break for a moment to see if you're ready.

You could, right now, stop reading and immediately go buy a copy of The Magic Story and forget this conversation.

That's fine.  Reading it would probably give you a full week of intense productivity - I can almost guarantee it.  It's that good.

But the fact that you've read this far tells me a little something about you.  In today's ADD era of sound-bites and video games, few have what it takes to read a full paragraph, let alone a complete letter.  (Sad, perhaps, but true nonetheless.)

Take some pride in that.  It's well-deserved.

The point, though, isn't too flatter you for that accomplishment but to give you what you've proven you need:  a way to make the 3 lessons of The Magic Story stick.

Let's turn these 3 lessons into mindless habits - that become a default part of your mental operating system.

How will we accomplish that?

Well, one of my companies - Simpleology - is a software system that helps people get a full day's work done in 2 hours.

That sounds impossible, of course, but as our hundreds of thousands of users prove every day, it's not only possible, but likely.

(If I were you, I'd ask for some solid proof any time anyone makes such a claim.  At the bottom of this letter you can see a small sample of the thousands upon thousands of success stories our users have sent us.)

The problem is that the system takes a little time to learn and master.  As much as I'd like to get people up and running with it in moments, there are several things they need to absorb before that's possible.

So, we created an online course called "Simpleology 101" that teaches the software in a way that makes the mastery of the software as quick and easy as possible.

Most people don't know that great advancements have been made in learning psychology over the last 100 years.  Sadly, most schools don't use any of these new strategies.  That's why people find school so boring, and why most kids don't leave the system with much of an education to speak of.

Most school's don't take advantage of these advancements - but we do.  We've figured out how to make learning as quick, easy, and fun as possible.

Internally we call this the "Simpleology Proprietary Learning Methodology." What our users call it is: "a blast."  (again, see the success stories at the bottom of this page)

Because people enjoy this learning environment so much, we've been creating courses on this platform over the years and they've become just as popular as our software.

If you're curious, here's a little chart that explains a few of the features of this learning platform ...

Animated Lesson

16 Animated Video Lessons - Using a combination of the long-proven (but rarely used) methods of Learning Psychology, well-proven methods of real Behavioral Modification, and high-tech multi-media to embed my learning deep ... and fast.

Quick Start Video

Quick Start Video - This is the introduction video. It will explain all the course basics and define terms you may not understand if you're a beginner. You'll want to watch this video right away.


Hilarious Retention-Building Quizzes - You'll think you're having a laugh-riot, but what will be going on "behind the scenes" while you laugh your butt off is that this information will be making profoundly deep connections in your brain.


The Magic Story Virtuosity Book - In order to give you every way possible to study and learn this information, the virtuosity book contain a written transcript of the 16 video lessons.


Course Checklist - The Magic Story course is put in a specific order for maximum impact. The course checklist will walk you through the course step-by-step in the order it was designed to be used.


Downloadable "Book on MP3" Audios - You can slap these on your iPod, MP3 player, or burn them to CD for listening while you drive, work out, or go for a walk in the park ...


Memory Joggers - These distill the important essence of what you need to know into a single sheet of paper so you can post it around your house to further reinforce your mastery.


The "Bleeding Edge" of Learning and Behavioral Psychology - A combination of the long-proven (but rarely used) methods of Learning Psychology, well-proven methods of real Behavioral Modification, and high-tech multi-media put Simpleology on the bleeding-edge of technology.

It simply works!


Several months ago, thinking about my frustration over the impermanence of the changes The Magic Story causes I asked our courseware team to take it and turn it into a Simpleology course.

And now it's here.

OK, so this is the point where I tell you how much it costs, and how our 24/7 Customer Care Team will give you all of your money back if you're not satisfied, etc.

But this is a little different.

I'm a huge fan of the notion of "paying it forward."  You may remember a movie of the same title.  The movie was fairly mediocre, but the idea behind it was extraordinary:  what if everyone in the world did a life changing favor for just three people?  How long would it take for the very fabric of society itself to change?

I love that idea so very much ...  It's beautiful, isn't it?

Truth be told, things don't really work out that way.  Eventually the momentum fizzles out, of course.  But what if only 1,000,000 lives (out of the 7 billion on this planet) could be changed?  Or even just 1,000? 

Heck, even the act of changing a single life for the better matters.  Especially if that single person is someone important in your life.

So, rather than sell this course for $97 outright - as we very well could and rake in a tidy profit in the process - we're going to give you the opportunity to "pay it forward."

We now have over 900,000 users of the Simpleology software.   Very soon, we'll break 1,000,000.

Up until the 1,000,000 mark, you can have Simpleology Electives: The Magic Story for free, but you must promise to "pay it forward" to 3 people who matter in your life.

Just send them this link with a recommendation to check it out.  That's it.

No pressure.  No gimmicks.  Just the honor system and your desire to make a difference in a few lives.

Are you with me?

Take Your Pick ...

FREE? or $97?

No thanks! I'd rather pay ... Mark, The Magic Story sounds amazingly great, but I'd rather pay you $97 for it. To be honest, I'll probably forget to tell people, and I'm a person of my word, so please accept my full payment.

YES! Give it to me FREE please ... I want The Magic Story, FREE ($0 now. $0 ever). Mark, please give me the entire shebang for free. On my honor, I promise to "Pay it Forward" and spread the word about this offer (either via Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, carrier pigeon, or what have you). In exchange, you will waive the $97 fee for the course and grant me access for FREE.


All the best,


Mark Joyner

P.S.  Here are a few nice things people have had to say about the Simpleology software and courseware ...

"Let Mark know that during the trial period I downloaded the Wealth Laws onto a CD to listen to in my car on a business trip. What a powerful time it was - because I am a creative right brain (consultant) as I heard his principles on wealth - I came up with ideas to help my current clients that will produce major revenues for their companies. Plus a few ideas for my company."
~ Dana Young

"I can barely express my gratitude for the amount of self empowerment your company's products have brought into my life. This includes, of course, your stellar customer service and tech support."
~ Kimberly Malone

"Thanks again for your awesome support. You have what so many businesses have so wrong and that is state of the art customer service. Keep doing what you are doing!"
~ Allen L McLeod

"One of the things I like best about Simpleology is the customer service. You all rock. And I'm not just buttering you up.... :) I've had a few occasions I've needed support and have always been blown away by the levels of responsiveness, professionalism, and simply caring I've experienced."
~ Ross Patterson

"WoW....you guys are amazing. That was the best customer service I have ever witnessed and I am a General Manager of a Gold's Gym.....and I don't think my team could have achieved that fast of a service. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question."
~ David Moss

"I just took Mark up on his offer of the 202 program. I will shout it from the hilltops. I am so happy to do business with you and your organization. Mark should be on the cover of time for man of the year, or decade."
~ Sonny Rains

"I finally solved the publishing problems I had with my site. It is now online! This is such fun and very exciting. I would just like to thank you Mark, and your marvelous staff for being patient with me and keeping me taking the actions necessary to solve a major problem I had which has been holding me back!"
~ Claire Racine

"I have no words to thank all of you and specially to Mark Joyner.... I know he is a genius creating programs and now I now he is one special person to me. I read your email and I began to cry... no words... just tears and simple feeling of gratefulness. All of you are a great team, very kind, I can feel it in our communication. So, now I am ready to put my ideas to work! I will work today all the way long as much as I can! Much love, Marisa"
~ Marisa Pascal

"Simple.ology is AWESOME, period! I love Simple.ology. It really is an awesome tool. I will submit a testimonial at a later date when I've been using it for a while but I'm really glad I found it. I have purchased 102 & 103; I have unlocked the Blogging module, downloaded the two free chapters of the Mind Control book (and plan to purchase it) and am about to tweet and FB the link so I can unlock the freebie you offered in the email (I'll choose 201) so I'm neck deep in Simple-ology and loving it. It has really transformed my admin tasks for my business."
~ Danny Vardy

"Once again, thank you Ginger for your efficiency and quick response. I really appreciate your kindness. Mark was correct--this company is a pleasure to deal with, and I will be in touch in the future"
~ Holly Eburn

"I think this is a great program especially because it has so many different mediums to get the lessons across. I noticed that most everything is printable or downloadable, which is nice since you might not always have a computer or internet access."
~ Stephenie Torres

"Thanks so much. I love how Mark puts everything so simple. He is awesome."
~ Carol McWilliams

"Hi Mark, You don't know me, but I recently purchased/accessed Simpleology 101, Simpleology 102, and your book, The Irresistible Offer, from you and I just wanted to let you know how much they have helped me to get a clear handle on my life and business goals, and to focus on taking action. I especially enjoyed the daily tracking component of Simpleology 101 where I start my day planning the actions I will take in the context of my longer range goals. I am curious to know if you have a recommendation for how often individuals should consider revisiting their 'Ultimate Life' goals? The Internet can be a very intimidating place, but your product has made things much simpler for me to accomplish my goals. I'm also glad to have found someone I can trust. Thank you. I'm sure you get emails like this all the time, but I just thought you should know how I feel. If I can ever do anything for you just let me know."
~ Lori Howard

"I owe you more than I can ever explain. My name is Ross Goldberg. I'm a disabled veteran of the current war era. In July 2005 I opened an Ebay store and began my online business. Two weeks later I went into a coma. Doctors are still stumped as to what happened. They have labeled the illness encephalomyelitis (swelling of the brain and spine). I awoke 10 days later paralyzed from the waste down. Within roughly 90 days I was walking again, but lost a majority of sensation from my shoulders down and it gets progressively worse as it progresses. In the last 1.5 years my body has changed completely from what it was. I was a healthy young man and have felt like a cripple since my illness. I have a beautiful wife and three children that need me to be at my best at all times. I'm an internet marketer and have seen some great success during my hardest times. I was in constant pain. I had been on numerous narcotics and other medications to help. Roughly one month before I read your 'White Powder' report, I stopped taking all of the medications I was on. I was in tremendous pain, but it was something I had to deal with to regain control over my life. Upon reading your report and taking the lowest recommended dose, my body began re-assembling itself. In the last 2 weeks, I've lost 2 inches on my waste. I have triple the energy I had and focusing has become much easier. All from a simple supplement I was able to find at Wal-Mart. I cannot thank you enough Mark for the help you have given me. I'd be happy to give you a testimonial in audio or video. Thank you so much!"
~ Ross Goldberg

"First of all I'd like to thank you for Simpleology.com. I'm having tremendous progress in all areas of my life since beginning Simpleology 101. The principles are truly awesome, and it has been a great tool to help me build a victorious consciousness to get what I want in life."
~ William Zardetto

"Not sure the best way to get this to Mark...just wanted to say THANK YOU for the incredible value in this course, and the wonderful teleseminars and resources given on them in particular!"
~ Ben Lo, MD

"The principles found in Simpleology are the same that I followed to become a 3 time Olympian."
~Ruben Gonzalez, 3 Time Olympian (Luge)

"I had an immediate 25% increase in salary and now make well over 6 figure salary! WOW! Life is Going GREAT! Thank You Mark and Simpleology!"
~Daniel Harris, San Jose, California

"I thank God for the Simpleology course. I had prayed for more energy, more time to do things, and better organization in my life. The answer came."
~Stuart Farm

"Thirteen days so far. I feel more energy, much more than I started with and I'm just starting the Simpleology! Already those 15 minutes is altering my actions (from little to more and growing)."
~Dr. Cliffor Tedder

"Last year when I started using Simpleology I focused on just one business and specifically on marketing and the effect of that was that my sales doubled that very month!"
~Melody Williams

"I am only on Day 15 of Simpleology 101, but this is the best process ever! And I have done so many different programs. I am so excited to see such a clear path for regaining my power and achieving my goals."
~Nancy Hearn, Certified Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant

"I wish I had this detailed, concise information 20 years ago. I am recommending Simple-ology to all my friends and family, and I am teaching it to my kids. My kids will be eons ahead of the game ..."
~Greg Whitehead

"Everyone in the Simpleology team has been a superb pleasure to work with, answering questions promptly. And that's only Simpleology 101. My goals have become achievable realities - ALL OF THEM."
~Philip Hardy, Rising Phoenix Foundation

"Simpleology gives you the discipline you need to accomplish ANY Goal you can image."
~Dave Button, Varden Alaska

"I was in a financial bind after having lost everything following several strokes. I'd lost my business, my home, my ability to read/speak/write so my resource where zero? Less than 3 months later, I'd gone from less than $70 in August to $3,485 per month in October. With all my heart, I thank Mark Joyner for his vision in creating Simpleology."
~D'arcy Mayo, Sydney, Australia

"Wow! Since completing 101 my own business has taken off? My health business is also hitting new heights and I am passing on your message to everyone who asks me what is happening. Thank you Mark this has changed my life dramatically. I had a triple bypass last year and never thought it would be possible to achieve anything like this again."
~Geoff Browne, Adelaide Australia

"Mark is a genius. Within one hour he turned on the lights in my brain about my marketing, my websites, and even my life's direction."
~Dr. Joe Vitale, Author, The Attractor Factor, The Key

"I'll be earning ten times more this year because of Mark Joyner."
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"Mark Joyner's power lies in his ability to not only motivate you, but then to give you the specific ideas and steps to follow through on that inspiration."
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"If you have a chance learn from Mark, jump on it - your business and your life will never be the same."
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"Mark is an inspirational genius who has the rare gift to condense and distill the pathway to what is really essential to live a full and purposeful life."
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"Mark Joyner is awesome, with Simpleology he has gently shown me the easy way to grow my business and tidy up my life. Treat yourself to a makeover; bring Mark into your day too."
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"Mark Joyner inspires, innovates, transforms, takes the obvious and gives birth to monolithic new ideas. One of those "rare" people who has the potential to change our human condition."
~Anthony Tomei, CEO/Tomei Enterprises Corp

"When there is no secret and the law of attraction fails, there is, and always will be Mark Joyner and his incredible methods."
~Jason Henderson , Texas, USA

"Mark's "Simpleology" was one program I used to transition myself from the frustrations of medical practice to the joy of being a serial entrepreneur."
~Dr Bill Toth

"I do have my own way of mapping my mind and everything but what I saw in Simpleology is never-did-I-imagine-to-have-it-all-in-one-place. Double thumbs-up to Mark and crew Rock On!"
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"It is my pleasure to recommend this and all of Mark Joyner's products to anyone considering what to do next in their business or personal lives. Mark Joyner's Simpleology is a template for life and a valuable one."
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"Just a quick note to say thank you to Mark & everyone for creating such a life changing environment."
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"If you want something good to happen in your life - make it happen with the help of the Simpleology courses, community, and support."
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"Simpleology is serious about helping their members become successful in life. I love my Simpleology membership. I see myself as a member for a very long time. It's one purchase I made on the Internet that I do not regret."
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"Simple and easy! That is why I vote Simpleology. They practice what they preach!"
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"I love Simpleology in 4 short months I am not only self funding myself in my Network Marketing businesses but in October I will be making a profit. Just 4 short months! While I love how Simpleology has helped me achieve this amazing goal it is their customer support that continues to blow me away."
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"I just wanted to say thank you to Mark and his wonderful team for all the help and support that they have given me. I cannot thank you all enough, and will continue to use Simpleology for a long time."
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"Simpleology is a wonderfully simple and powerful program. And their customer service matches the quality of their product! "
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"I feel an almost childish excitement to move on to the other levels of Simpleology. Thanks, Mark, for reminding me of who I really am!"
~Kelwyn Suite. New Braunfels, TX

"Since I have begun the Simpleology program I have increased my earnings 3 times purchased a brand new car and home. All of these results came from my increased level of self control & concentration. I can't thank Mark enough!!I never thought I could find my way out of the maze. Thanks for the map!"
~Kathy Baka. Cruise Mentors

"I love, love, love, your Simpleology courses. Here I am at my computer bouncing with energy on an exercise ball. I haven't felt energy like this in 10 years. My contemporaries ask me when I plan to retire. Retire? How about a career change. Thanks, Mark, for all the things I learned from Simpleology."
~Phyllis Ryser

"Thanks to Mark and the excellent team at Simpleology. I've been the beneficiary of such good information that has improved the quality of my life in so many ways and given me more brain food too. Thanks guys, keep up the good work."
~Nan Woodward

"Simpleology rocks!"
~Alan Steacy, Framingham, MA

"You actually give us perspective for another possibility, to help another people. I really appreciate this and love your work Mark."
~Jelena Mila

"Simpleology is more than brilliant! The spirit of the entire concept makes it so VALUABLE for everyday people to improve their lives, creatively, intentionally, and even financially."
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"Simpleology is simply the most amazing information I have stumbled across in many years! Mark Joyner literally gives you a blueprint for life. Mark takes you by the hand and leads you every step of the way. The various methods of learning, including audios, eBooks and video presentations all combine to ensure that the message is delivered in the best way possible. If you even put in the smallest amount of effort, Simpleology will guarantee success far beyond your expectations."
~Justyn McDonald

"Simpleology is the most amazing online course I've ever taken for anything. I was amazed and astounded with the amount of organized detail, all of which is designed to keep me focused, one task at a time."
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"Mark is dedicated to much larger goals in his marketing efforts, and that comes through in this course. You'll find yourself challenged to stretch yourself and to go out and make a real difference in the world."
~Mike Broadwell

"Simpleology has been a driving force behind the creation of my first products, my behind the scenes work with over three top internet marketers in less than a week recently and the maintaining of my health and sanity. Yes, it is that powerful. Simpleology and its free companion products are unbelievable. All the time I see people and companies that are not getting things done. Simpleology is the answer in my opinion."
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"I do seem to be getting more positive action now. I didn't think it would have any effect. But Simpleology has."
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"I don't know of anything that has brought me more peace of mind or taught me how to deal with daily problems than Simpleology. Being the only caregiver for 2 mentally handicapped grand-daughters and a husband with Alzheimer's disease, I was at my wit's end. Your Simpleology 101 helped me not only to focus on my job, but to focus on what is important in life. You came into my life at exactly the right time."
~Mary Kathryn Donachy

"I signed up for a great, free on-line course called Simpleology-The Simple Art of Getting What You Want. The author is Mark Joyner and he is not paying me to pitch his product. That's too bad since I've told tons of folks about it. The information is meant to be ingested daily and comes in a short, fun video format that can be accessed 24/7. If you have trouble reaching goals or don't even know what your goals are, this course if for you. If managing time, projects, even a daily to-do list is difficult, you will benefit from spending 15 minutes a day with Simpleology. If you can visualize the end result but can't find the road that leads there, Simpleology will provide the map. Short and simple, no pun intended, using Simpleology has allowed me to focus and produce!"
~Laura Starling, Macon, GA

"In the 4 months since I discovered Simpleology, not only am I more focused, my company has seen double-digit growth that I attribute directly to Mark. Simpleology is not a time management program, its life changing on a global scale at a personal level. Mark makes it easy to be successful."
~Lisa Young

"From the first moment Simpleology was introduced to me, I was SO EXCITED, because I knew who Mark Joyner was; being one of the few successful I-marketers I respected. And I'm a hard nut to crack! The concepts and lessons of Simpleology helped changed my THINKING!"
~Cheryl Hutcherson

"I think Simpleology is terrific!"
~Gillette Blakey

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your interface at Simpleology; it's simple and easy to use, and makes daily organization a snap."
~Bill Larrabee

"The people at Simpleology have created a course with a check list, a workbook, videos and a quiz for every lesson."
~Ruth Shultz

"I've already noticed the powerful yet subtle brilliance of Simpleology. The commitment statement seemed silly, yet I have noticed its impact (in combination with the "simple" laws) as I make decisions or take action steps throughout my day. I'm more aware of my choices and whether or not they are keeping me on the straight and narrow path to my goals."

"WOW! - THANK YOU - AMAZING are the first words that come to mind. When I went to the Gym this morning I pushed a little harder as I am now focused and nothing will stop me. This is fantastic having a daily life coach taking me every step of the way to where I want to be. You have turned my world around. I only wish it could have been sooner, but you know what, today is the first day of my new life! Simpleology is simple, entertaining and precise, to the point. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!"
~Sharon Boorer, East London, South Africa

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"Your Simpleology methods are so simple, profound and DOABLE! The FREE part is good, but the DOABLE is what's best!"
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"As one who has experienced trouble with ADD ... Can I say Simpleology saved my life? I can."
~Spiro S. Spiliadis, Ontario, Canada

"Simpleology really made me focus and actually work towards achieving my goals - something I had not been doing previously, even though I had set the goals. I cannot thank you all enough."
~Denise Fowler, Basildon, Essex, UK

"I am much more focused than I have ever been in my 47 years of life. Thank you Mark for sharing your inspiration and for making something so valuable accessible to anyone who wants it."
~Larry Long, Dallas, TX

"Whenever I find that I am not seeing results or that the results are happening slowly, I go back to the Simpleology System and I find the area that is fowling up the works and I get busy clearing the problem."
~John Clark, Granby, MA

"Today, my email box was filled with 5 orders due to my focusing on an outcome and following through. Get Simpleology - it works."
~Allan J. Katz, The Loyalty Coach, Memphis, TN

"I like Mark Joyner's content. It is excellent."
~Dr Ossil V Macavinta

"Simpleology is like having a disk defragmenter or a disk clean up installed in your brain; highly recommend it for scatter brains like what I used to be. I'm seeing my goals more clearly and more focused and hitting it until I hit it. It's like a dog with a bone that won't let go."
~R. Kapa

"I love Simpleology. While I have had a thorough education in the entrepreneurial way of life (read school of hard knocks) Simpleology has made all the difference. Taking me from knowledge to power in a few short months. What I am really here to say is I am consistently impressed with Construct Zero's level of customer service. I just had a nice online support chat with Ginger and her quality of service was phenomenal. I could see her smiling welcome even without a video feed! Totally made my day."

"Simpleology is all about simplifying your efforts, maintaining laser-like focus on where you want to be, and taking the fewest steps to get there. This is exactly what I have been looking for to counteract my habit of over complicating things. Thanks for putting this together."
~George Cerny

"Mark, I've been reading your material and listening to your audio's for the last hour. I have to say, you're awesome!"
~Kimyon Zari

"I have purchased several Simpleology products and have been happy with it. It is all high quality material. I did have one purchase that just didn't fit my needs and I choose to cancel it. Even that has been a good experience. It was handled quickly and professionally."
~Jerry Sheets

"Mark, thank you for creating this wonderful, easy to follow system. I am currently growing my business on a monthly basis by using this system to keep me focused. Whenever I find that I am not seeing results or that the results are happening slowly, I go back to the Simpleology System and I find the area that is fowling up the works and I get busy clearing the problem. Again thank you for creating this system!"
~John Clark

These are just a small sample of the thousands of stories from our users.  More and more stories like this are flooding in each and every day ... Isn't it time we add you to the list?

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