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How kitchen-table biohackers are boosting their intelligence.

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Bonus Guides: Nanotech Detoxing and
Do-It-Yourself Nanotech Super Nutrients

Integrative medical practitioners like Dr. Andrew Weil believe we are "under the greatest environmental assault in the history of mankind." Detoxing may now be a matter of survival as our toxic loads surpass our body's natural ability to detox. But the past methods of detoxification are not only incomplete; they are also potentially dangerous. There are 4 elements required for a detox to be effective. Get only 3 of them and you run the risk of becoming even sicker.

Plus, learn how bio-hackers are doing "kitchen table cooks" of vitamin supplements up to 20 times more powerful than the supplements you buy at the store. All with equipment you can buy on the cheap on Amazon.