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The strangest things turn investors right off. "What just happened??" (Plus: turn the tables with stealth charm tactics.)

Bad credit?
Drowning in debt? Embarrassing credit score? Surprisingly, it's not the kiss of death. Now knowing what to say about it is.

BONUS: Never Say Any of These 10 Things to an Investor
These kiss-of-death phrases are parroted in almost every pitch. Here's what entrepreneurs don't know: these phrases are subtle "micro-tells" revealing critical weakness in your plan. Utter a single one of them and ... poof! Savvy investors will instantly and irreparably turn cold, slam their checkbooks shut forever, and warn their friends about you. Conversely, knowing these phrases will teach you how to make investors fall in love with you.

BONUS: Shark Tank Sharks Beg for Forgiveness After Giving Her the Most Scathing Rejection in the History of the Show
A highly paid architect landed a spot on Shark Tank to launch her dream app. The sharks gave her the most scathing rejection in history. Two weeks later, she had 5x the investment she asked of the sharks. In this tell-all MP3 audio she breaks down the "inside English" of how she did it all, from soup to nuts. How to get on Shark Tank. How to turn a rejection into a meteoric rise. All of it.

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