Which of the 5 "Quit Monkeys" are on Your Back?
Sun Tzu advised us to "know your enemy." This 2-minute personality profile is the first essential step in defeating the Quit Monkeys once and for all.

"Never Give Up!" Really? Easy to Say ...
But almost impossible to do if you don't know which of the 5 Quit Monkeys are on your back.

99% of the Time at Least 1 of the 5 Quit Monkeys are the Cause.
But we're not aware of it at the time, that's the problem. The Quit Monkeys are devious!

Isn't It Time?
Most people let the Quit Monkeys kick them around their whole life. Take back your power.

BONUS: Quit Monkey Repellent - Thought Control
Random thoughts can be an extremely powerful creative force, but they can also be an extremely distracting Quit Monkey enabler. Left unchecked they can also be emotionally destructive. Includes 6 simple easy-to-learn strategies for harnessing your thoughts and turning them into a force for positive change, commanding success, and unshakable happiness.

BONUS: Bonus: Quit Monkey Repellent - Decisiveness
"Decisiveness" is a bit of a misnomer. The truth is, we're constantly making decisions. Even when we think we're being "indecisive," for example, we've unconsciously made the choice to vacillate. And there's the key: consciousness. Most of us are making decisions unconsciously and therefore doing the bidding of others whether we're aware of it or not. This leads to quitting and, if left unchecked, ultimately deep despair. This powerful document gives you 6 tools for making powerful conscious decisions. This is one of the most powerful weapons in your take-back-your-power arsenal.

BONUS: Bonus: Quit Monkey Repellent - Assertiveness
Being assertive means being direct about what you need, want, feel and believe. A lack of assertiveness obviously leads to quitting, but it can get much worse. Many of us are taught that what we want should take a back seat to what "the many" want. While this seems like altruism on the surface, in reality it's often used as a moral manipulation to con you into giving others what they want while you suffer. Hear me now: there is not a damn thing wrong with being assertive about your needs. Indeed, it's the sine qua non of true happiness, confidence, and deeply fulfilling relationships. These 6 simple strategies will unlock surprising sources of dormant power.

(2-minute personality profile)