Use the FBI’s 5 Step Hostage Negotiation Ritual to Get Anything You Want.
Get others to do your bidding without shady manipulation or pointless arguments.

It normally takes 10 days to learn, but …
We’ve distilled it down to it’s bare essence in this Simpleology Ritual for instant mastery. Just follow the ritual!

“My spouse … The arguments stopped.”
Many find that not only will others do their bidding - they’ll feel good about doing it for you, too.

Become an “Instant Closer.”
Stop wasting soul-sucking weeks and months in tedious negotiation and haggling. (Bonus: pay far less for the same goods and services when you’re on the other side of the table.)

BONUS : Crisis Negotiation Role-Play Quiz
You’re going to have to think fast. A co-worker that was fired last week for his erratic behavior has just stormed into your office. His hand is behind his back, is he holding something? “I’ve given ten years of my life to this damn place, I’m not going quietly” he says. What do you do? Keep your Rituals app open, this is your chance to try out negotiating like a FBI Hostage Negotiator straight away - after all, practice makes perfect.

BONUS: Body Language Mastery (PDF Comic Book)
Everyone knows 90 percent of communication is nonverbal. The problem is, very few of us know how to “read” it. In one simple, easy-to-enjoy comic you will master how to read other people’s gestures and body language to gain the upper hand in any face-to-face negotiation (or poker game … or “pick up” scenario … or confrontation). You will be able to detect their true mindset despite what they may or may not be saying.

BONUS: "Active Listening" Cheat Sheet (Infographic) AKA "How to Make People Fall in Love with You"
"You're not listening to me!" There's no faster way to make someone feel disrespected than to not listen to them. It's an instant rapport-killer. No rapport, no agreement. This cheat sheet will turn you into the exact opposite: someone people "fall in love" with. "I feel like he just gets me." Imagine what your life will be like when almost everyone you meet walks away with that impression.

(free Simpleology Ritual)