The Irresistible Likability Ritual
The short conversation that will make you irresistibly likable to anyone, any time, anywhere.

FACT: Likability is more important than skill or knowledge.
For better or worse, likable people get paid more than the better skilled, and they sell more than the better trained.

Science to the rescue.
Based on research at Université de Bretagne Sud, Columbia, and others … For example, they have identified the two most powerful sentences you need to say to put someone instantly at ease.

Improve every relationship.
Better rapport with your kids and spouse. Better time with your friends. Better leadership and fellowship. Everything improves.

BONUS : How to Start a Conversation with Anyone (PDF)
Social fear shuts down conversations before they start: “Is she attracted to me?” “Will they think I’m an idiot?” “Do they think they’re better than me?” It’s a shame. Simple conversations can instantly open doors to new horizons (lucrative business opportunities, heart-pounding romance, great teachers, new pals). But fear … It’s crazy. Fear prevents us from walking through these doors. Let’s put an end to that once and for all. Once you learn these sure fire conversation starters you will find that conversations with strangers are as effortless as talking to an old friend. The truth is, everyone is waiting for everyone else to make the first move. You will now be that self-assured person who does - and it will change everything.

BONUS: Ultimate Self Confidence Boost with This 5 Step Ritual (Simpleology Ritual)
Imagine a psychological B-12 shot! Look, we all have moments of self-doubt. It’s like a child learning to swim. Some kids never get over that self-doubt so they stand on the ledge forever, robbing themselves of a lifetime of playing in the pool. If they had just taken that one leap! As our self-confidence rises and falls throughout our life those little dips (even if only momentary) prevent us from taking similar leaps. And we are robbed of joy once again. (That potential lover to whom you didn’t muster up the courage to say hello … That business opportunity which never came again … That book you always wanted to write, but was stifled by “that little voice” …) It’s time to silence that “little voice,” isn’t it? This simple 5 step ritual will have you approaching those “little leaps” with the ever-confident spirit of a champion.

BONUS: Make Difficult Conversations Easy (Infographic)
The employee who isn’t improving … That thing your spouse should be doing for you, but isn’t … That behavior your child just has to change … Most of us allow the pain of these situations to linger on and on because we were afraid of a simple conversation. Well, simple if you know how to have it. Not so simple if you don’t. This process (based on research at the University of Hawaii) turns a “confrontation” into a collaborative consultation where both parties walk away feeling like winners.

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