The Superhuman Mental Toughness Ritual
Based on a little-known experimental U.S. Army program to turn kids off the street into super-soldiers

Beast Barracks, Hell Week, and The Crucible
3 programs designed to "break" recruits. Psychologists reverse-engineered the mindset of the few who survive.

3 Easy-to-Learn Skills
Surprisingly, physical strength and skill didn't matter. These skills could be mastered by anyone.

"But I'm Not a Soldier"
So much the better. Amaze everyone with your stamina and poise as they crumble under the workday's pressure.

BONUS : The Epic Morning Ritual of One of America's Top Personal Trainers (Infographic)
Wake up just like superhuman Ben Greenfield does. He is the author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training“, and two years in a row, Ben was voted as one of the top 100 most influential individuals in health and fitness (ranking even higher than Arnold Schwarzenegger). He has a very specific morning ritual he follows, one that he describes as an “absolutely epic series of moves, twists, oils, supplements, pooping techniques and an entire host of other ridiculously complex self-care techniques”. In this infographic we turn the epic into the simple (as always) with a timeline that exactly mimics Ben’s so you can try it out for yourself.

BONUS: 5 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Grow Your Brain (PDF)
‘Grow your brain’ - it sounds impossible. For a long time neuroscientists thought the brain was static after the age of 25, but now it's known that our brains have the ability at any age to form brand spanking new neural pathways - the process is called Neuroplasticity. So how can you optimize the growth of new neural pathways - well, any challenging activity can do it but if you want optimal results quickly the trick is you need to make new demands on both hemispheres of your brain. Its unbelievable how simple these exercises can be - we share 5 of the best with you in this PDF.

BONUS: The 9 Week Navy SEAL Workout Plan (PDF)
The Navy SEALS are the US Navy’s principal special ops force. These guys are tough. Super tough. I've met many of them and you just get a "this dude is superhuman" vibe. Amazing. They train for the strength and endurance they need to keep them alive. No B.S short-cuts. No excuses. This 9 week workout program shows you exactly how the Navy SEALS train, complete with a daily checklist so you can replicate their training precisely. Try it for yourself. Remember its designed to break you, but if you have the grit to push through (hint: see above) you’ll emerge a SEAL-worthy warrior with the body to match. Think this is all hype? Put it to the test. The real test. At the end we'll provide you with the actual SEAL physical screening test so you can see how you stack up to actual Navy SEALs.

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makes you tough as nails)